Studio D’maxsi Original featured at the 2014 Grammy’s

Evelyn McKinney rocking a gorgeous STUDIO D’MAXSI gown at the 2014 Grammy’s

Studio Dmaxsi-proud winner of African Fashion Designer of the year at the African Awards USA 2013

“Each year the African Awards showcases and recognizes the talents of people of African descent who have made positive and selfless contributions to the improvement of Africans as well as those of the Diaspora. Afua’s speech was very inspirational and very moving and we at African Awards are proud of her achievement”.

“As a designer I have always said there is no better way to share your God given talent than to give back; the nomination was a surprise in itself. Thank you Sanata for the nomination. Wining is a beautiful thing but it comes with a greater responsibility. Over all, I was very happy and proud to win and represent Africa in the USA. I hope this will be a great example to young up and coming talents to know that dreams are achievable, if you work hard and don’t give up on your dreams, with a lot of prayer, you will make it” said Sam


STUDIO D’MAXSI designed this gorgeous bra dress in honor of breast cancer survivors all over the world! This dress crossed the borders of the United States of America in the year 2013 all the way to Paris!! STUDIO D’MAXSI collaborated with TEAM INTERNATIONAL (Flavia and the rest of the team)in a photoshoot with the bra dress to continue to raise awareness concerning breast cancer!

STUDIO D’MAXSI featured in International Couture presentation in DC 2013

STUDIO D’MAXSI is featured in the Macy’s Challenge(2013)!!

STUDIO D’MAXSI rips the runway during project runway style Macy’s Challenge 2013!!!

STUDIO D’MAXSI featured in Maryland Fashion Week (2013)

STUDIO D’MAXSI rips the runway at Maryland Fashion Week 2013!!!

STUDIO D’MAXSI featured in the news (WUSA 9)

STDIO D’MAXSI in the news(WUSA 9) with Maryland fashion week 2013

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