Studio D’maxsi at Runway Moms for a Cause 2014

“Afua Sam, has added modeling and acting to her fashion designer title. She walked the runway at the 2nd ‘Runway Moms For A cause 2014’. “I have always wanted to be a model but that took a back seat for fashion.” says Sam. “ I’m very excited and honored not only to model which is a dream come true, but I get to do this with all these powerful moms to raise money to support KidSave. I congratulate Lara Akinsanya for taking this great initiative to help the children of KidSave”

Studio D’maxsi featured in the Walter Art Museum 2014

Studio D’maxsi is one of two the designers picked to feature at the Walter Art museum Full Bloom Fashion Show 2014.
” We were in complete AWE of the designs featured. Designer Afua Sam of STUDIO D’MAXSI DESIGNS INC did an absolutely amazing job!! No one can even fathom the artistic talent that resides right under our noses. Let us continue to showcase those who are looked over, up-and-coming, and walked past! For they are the ones who will make a differene in our world as we know it! LETS GO!”

Very young talents rocking Studio D’maxsi Original on the runway : Models INC kids 2014

Studio D’maxsi at the Rising Star Awards 2014

Studio D’maxsi rips the runway at Crystal Couture Show and Sale 2014

Studio D’maxsi- proud recipient of the High Fashion Award at the Fashion Awards MD 2014

“The opportunity of coming to America came through my work as a fashion designer. Even though I did not have any family here at the time, I took a chance with the hope of making it work regardless. Having faith in God was and still is the reason for taking that chance. The award was a big surprise to me because I have been a nominee for 3 years in a row. My category is a highly competitive one. I want to thank the Fashion Awards MD Organization and Lana Rae, the founder, for this honor and everyone who has given me opportunities throughout my journey. Also family and friends who have been there for me and supporting me with prayers and all the fantastic team and clients that I have been blessed to work with.”


Studio D’maxsi is one of the cast members of the film, Politics of Fashion, a film about the fashion landscape in Washington DC, an element of the city that is lesser known to the world. :

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